Frequently Asked Questions

How do i invest ?

To invest, kindly follow these steps…
• Select your preferred investment plan.
• You will be redirected to the deposit page, where you will make your investment deposit. Once deposited to the provided wallet address, payment will automatically be confirmed after about 3/3 blockchain confirmations.

When do we get our returns ?

Wait for the specified time to get your returns in respect to the trading plan you invested on. ROI is automatically credited to your wallet and withdrawal is instant.

Can we use bitcoin wallet for free ?

Yes you can create a bitcoin wallet for free such as Blockchain, coinbase e.t.c.

How could any one make a support request ?

You can make a support request my sending us a message through our contact form on our contact page and we will attend to you shortly.

How to make a passive income with Forex/crypto Trading ?

You can make a passive income in forex and crypto trading by letting us manage and grow your investments with the help of our experienced and high profile traders in the financial market.